The Benefits of Freecycle 4U

It is a common fact that from the spring through to the fall, most weekends would consist of one household or another visiting the local landfill or household recycling centre.

This is a regular occurrence as we look to recycle our unwanted items and save the environment. We strive to be the perfect race, and recycling just proves it.
But by recycling at the household recycling centres or by sending them to landfills, you are still damaging the environment. Plants have to process the goods you dispose of, to crunch them, flatten them, and mould them into their new beginnings.

Many products recycled at the local recycling centres can be reused in the right hands. Items that are still in working condition such as a sofa that needs a little patch on it, a table that needs to make way for a new one. A new dishwasher means you have to dispose of your old one. But your old one still works.

It still works yet it still finds its way in the recycling centres week in and week out. Throughout the year many recycling centres our receiving thousands of tons of your disposed items that could be reused. Many scrap merchants are disposing of scrap metal that is a working washing machine, a working car, a working fridge.
There are other options available. Keep your unwanted items out of the recycling centres. Keep them out of the scrap yards. Away from the landfill sites. You can list them, 100% for free, at

What is Freecycle?

Freecycle is a form of recycling your unwanted goods. Whether it is a car or fridge, household or garden item, you can list it for free and pass it on. Paying it forward so to speak. The item you list could be helping someone else who has been needing it for a while. It could be that life saving must have for someone else. However small or meaningless it may seem, it can always be used in the right hands.
But with Freecycle4u, you can go that extra mile. For a little cost you can feature your item. This is even more beneficial if your item does hold some personal value, or you wish to sell it on. You can get it featured randomly on the home page of the site, you can add video to your listing to help you sell it, you can have it featured and so much more at a little extra cost.
And Freecycle4u do not just list merchandise. They have an extensive vehicle sales department, an estate agents corner allowing for selling or letting, commercial and residential, a pets corner and personals column that allows for escorts advertising too.
With regular contests for members being lined up all the time and an official launch date of 1st April 2012, we expect Freecycle4u could be visiting a computer screen near you soon.

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